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24.04.2012 15:38

MCIT approves Action Plan on organization of Eurovision-2012 SC

Baku. Nijat Mustafayev – APA-Economics. Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies has approved the Action Plan on organization of Eurovision-2012 Song Contest.
Ministry says according to Action Plan, the initial works by Ministry of Communication and IT with relevant state bodies, telecommunication operators and IT companies, as well organization of tickets for Eurovision online, establishment of telephone support centre on transport services, placement of tourists, catering, preparation of programs of trade and service objects, souvenirs and memorial things for contest, informatization of foreign guests and establishment of information centre, technical preparation of contest place, organization of broadcasting of contest were determined.

Official internet site of contest, and alternative copies were established and the site is protected. Optic communications in the direction to Baku Crystal Hall were constructed. ISDN communication also was constructed.

The ministry intends to increase the channels in different directions due to increase of talks by the foreign guests in the country. Besides, alternative communication was established to provide the international calls.

At the same time, equipments will be constructed near and inside of complex and these equipments will serve to more than 30,000 users. Te subscribers will be presented 2G, 3G and for the first time LTE 4G.

Along with this, Teleradio has purchased equipments which are required for perfect broadcasting during the contest. 4-direction alternative communication was organized for passing of broadcasting to European Broadcasting Union.

Installation of satellite equipments demanded in the yard of the complex and completion of works will be provided in accordance with graphic of general construction works, conducted in the complex. At the same time, appropriate preparation works were carried out in Baku city and Absheron peninsula for organization of TV and radio broadcasting in HD format.

Besides, postage stamps sets reflecting ancient history, culture and modern period of Azerbaijan and boxes of exquisite designed 32-page booklet have been prepared for Eurovision-2012 song contest.

Information centre speaking in Azerbaijani, Russian, English, German and French has been created under the Baku Telephone Communications IU.

According to appeal of the Culture and Tourism Ministry, experts of the ministry of communications and information technologies and other relevant bodies inspected 74 hotels operating in Baku.

Online order of hotels, online sale of cinema and theatre tickets are realized together with the ministry of culture and tourism; organization of information centres for taxis – with transport ministry; installation of large-scale spreadsheets and modern pay stations – Baku city Executive Power.

At the same time, software has been drafted in order to find necessary places of Azerbaijan with GPS system, and it had been posted on the official website of the contest.

According to decision of the ministry, in order to hold this international contest at a high level, all opportunities must be mobilized for sustainable and faultless communication, joint activity of all operators and providers of the private sector must be provided.


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