24th Azerbaijan International Telecommunications, Innovations
and High Technologies Exhibition and Conference

4 - 7 December 2018 Baku Expo Center

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One of the traditions of Bakutel is the opportunity for young specialists to speak about their inventions, programmes and services as part of the largest ICT event in Azerbaijan and the region. The startups are supported by the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Participation in Bakutel along with industry leaders and government bodies provides a unique opportunity to present startup projects to public and private investors. The following projects will be presented at the exhibition this year.


Omarov's Game Studio

An indie game studio producing games for mobile and VR platforms. During a year we have produced 4 games and gained more than 3.000.000 audience in global market.


Highlands - The war continues till the last drop of blood

Pazl xalça

The main purpose of the game is promotion and popularization of carpet weaving (carpet school) in Azerbaijan. Unlike classical puzzle games carpet ornaments may be used as puzzle part in relevant stages of game.



Spinal is a wearable device and a mobile app that helps people gain a habit of a good posture, without making the user dependent on the device. Lia tracks shoulders and posture and notifies in case of slouching.

Accounting Simulator

Service for accountants for learning on examples.

Our project is primarily for your convenience. The project will help you to find the necessary medicines in Azerbaijani pharmacies at any time.  By using you will save not only money but, most important your priceless time

MyExcel World Menu Panel

Custom Ribbon Tab for Microsoft Excel

my Baku

A mobile application that will help you find and reach the point of destination. Just typing the name of the object you need and you can get all the information about it.


VeloKuryer is the first and only eco-friendly delivery company in Azerbaijan.
We have been delivering goods and packages swiftly throughout the crowded city centre by easily riding through traffic jams for more than 3 years.
In addition to delivery services, we also offer cycling lessons, bikes for rent, and even a safe parking space in the city centre!


As many people in the world become anti-social because of social networks, the application that we are working on will solve this problem via  interest, radius and location concepts. People will become more social with the help of our application. Let's assume, you are a simple person that wants to  play the pool, and all your friends are busy. With the help of this application, you will be eligible to search a person with mutual interests that will want to play the pool with you. In other social networks, like Facebook, or VK this process is quite long, and you don't know whether the person you are looking for will accept your request or not. Our application will simplify this process by adding location and radius concept, that will be essential in terms of time. You will be able to find and meet the person you are looking for very easily and fast.  Let's assume you want to find the people with mutual interests that are located near you. So, you just put the radius, let's say 500 meters. And from the database application will find the people that have mutual interests with you in 500 meters.

IRS Cizgi

IRS Cizgi - is a Team working on Comic books, Toys, Animations and video games with educational basis( logic, engineering, general world view etc.)  inspired by our national, historic and epos heroes.


Mobile applications avaliable at App Store & Play Store is a carpooling service platform that connects the drivers and passenger who has the same travel routine in a specific time and date. The users of YolGet are saving costs of travelling, as well as making their travel fun with new people they get to know while carpooling. Additionally, the number of the automobiles decline on roads and it directly impacts the environment and the traffic jam problem positively since people use one car in common instead of two or more.
YolGet has a big market: it includes almost every single driver and passenger. The fact that YolGet is a carpooling service and the drivers themselves can also offer routes as passengers (e.g., you have a car but you are done with driving to the work every day or maybe you are done with/you want to save the costs that occur because of the car, you go to the platform and offer a ride as a passenger, trying to find another driver who has the same route) enlarges the market. However, as all the businesses do, YolGet divides its market into several segments. Basically, these are students, people traveling continuously (to regions or to work) and living in regions, lower or lower-middle class families and the people who offer rides to suburban areas. YolGet always considers the aforementioned factors while promoting the service in social networks, which are YolGet’s main platforms of advertisement.


It has been operating in the Azerbaijan for more than a year and aims to create a healthy food system through the branding and delivery of high-quality products and services produced by farmers who are the best in their class.


Wand is a smart pen with temporary ink that sends to your smartphone every scratch you make on a piece of paper the way you wrote it. The temporary ink evaporates after about 30 minutes from the paper allowing you to see what you’ve written and reuse the same piece of paper afterwards while your data is stored nice and safe on your mobile app and, if you want, backed up on our servers if you choose  so.

Smart Keyboard

Smart keyboard is the device that creates a lot of flexibility when using more than one alphabet. Every time a user changes the alphabet, symbols of the selected alphabet are reflected on keyboard. It can also reflect special symbols to meet demands of gamers.

Sumaks (Heart Guard)

Heart Guard is a device to keep a palpitation under control. Device gather the information through the electrodes and save them into SD card, so that doctor can visually observe and examine them in computer.

Seattip have developed a new methodology of ticket purchases which aims to increase load factor of traditional airlines without losing any current customer whose willingness to pay matches with live ticket prices. So, by the help of our mobile and web platforms traditional airlines will boost their revenue and at the same time will improve their reputation in terms of CSR and sustainable development. Together with that customers who have difficulties with different ways of transportations such as budget airlines, trains and buses, will enjoy their more comfortable available seats on traditional airlines. So, this becomes a win-win situation, where traditional airlines attract new customers form other markets and at the same time, consumers enjoy the priorities of traditional airlines. By the help of our application we might involve new tourists from all over the world to the Azerbaijan.


MedNot is a project aimed to attain paperless prescription system in the country. MedNot – the online network, capable to include physician – patient – drugstore relations, maintain statistics of diseases, patients and drugs by diverse angles (seasonal factor, region, age, gender, etc) and disclose to stakeholders (the population, physicians, drugstores, clinics, the Ministry of Health) is under way.

Healthy Living Support

Mobile health system allows optimally manage our daily lifestyle, which covers approximately 75% of our general health. The system is based on the Mobile Health Station and online Internet Portal. On the Mobile Health Station you can measure up to 44 different health parameters in only 6 minutes and  get the results immediately via SMS and E-mail. By accessing own account on the Portal, you may graphically observe the latest and previous data trends, get recommendations on health parameters to be considered, and get notification to visit a doctor for critical values. User who gets a treatment within the framework of the system parameters, can perform regular measurements and graphically monitor the impact of the treatment. By obtaining detailed information about healthy lifestyle from the portal and taking early action against any warnings, you may extend own Healthy Lifetime. Our mission is to educate people about healthy lifestyles in order to build a healthy society.