24th Azerbaijan International Telecommunications, Innovations
and High Technologies Exhibition and Conference

4 - 7 December 2018 Baku Expo Center

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We are pleased to be able to welcome you as a visitor to the exhibition. Please select the right category.

On 4 - 7 December, the exhibition will be open to industry specialists and persons working in related fields.
Students and persons under 17 years of age will be able to visit the exhibition on 7 December only.
Persons under 17 years of age only accompanied by parents will be able to visit the exhibition.

Now there is a children’s area at the exhibition where your children can be trusted to the professionals who will take care of your children as well as entertain them with useful and exciting activities. This service is gladly provided by Agil and Bilgi . These funny guys have caught the fancy of the children and parents for their interesting and unusual projects and fascinating excursions.